About Trebuchet

Trebuchet is a unique company in several respects. First and foremost in the Trebuchet difference is our approach to our mission and to our clientele - How We Work.

The skillsets of our multi-shore teams, and the experience of our management team, enable us to operate efficiently and effectively across multiple domains of activity. This enables us to provide our clients an unsurpassed "one-stop shopping" experience. For example, a legal publisher could rely on us to copyedit book material, typeset it (publishing services), produce an interactive electronic version of it (content services), critically edit the content (legal services) and even assist in marketing the finished product (call center services). Read more about this approach in Domains of Activity.

Finally, our greatest strength is Our People - a highly skilled, dedicated team of professionals on three continents, with a single objective: producing the finest possible outcome for our clients.

How We Work

Our management team trailblazed and perfected the concept of multi-shore outsourcing - cooperative teams in different parts of the world with complimentary skills, a methodology for parsing projects into work-units that can be optimally assigned to the appropriate teams, and a failsafe technique for inter-team communication. Done right, multi-shore outsourcing yields results that are indistinguishable from a US produced product at costs competitive with typical far-eastern outsourcing rates.

Trebuchet teams currently function in the USA, Israel and Philippines. Our Israel-based teams are highly credentialed US born and trained professionals who have chosen to make their homes in Israel, where labor rates are much lower than in the US. Our Philippines teams are best of breed university graduates who have practiced extensively in their respective fields.

All projects are assigned a US PM who oversees every aspect of the project, from workflow design to pilot, to ramp-up, and through the project life-cycle. Many clients interact with the PM as their sole point of contact, whether with respect to technical, production, financial or scheduling aspects of a project. Other clients prefer interaction with individual team leads as well. We are happy to accomodate our clients' varied workstyles and preferences.

Domains of Activity

Reflecting the diversity of our worldwide workforce, Trebuchet current offers services in the following areas. (Each area is broken out in detail in the main menu.)

Content Services - Experts in various disciplines research, critique, edit, abstract, index, translate and create original content. We have covered diverse areas, including finance, law, medicine, the sciences and product databases using teams in Israel and India
Publishing Services - Craftsmen familiar with both traditional and electronic publishing techniques typeset, compose, tag and apply XML metadata. Projects include sophisticated technical publishing, semantic tagging, XML-first publishing, eBook creation and document management

Legal Services - Attorneys, many with higher degrees, and in a wide range of specialty areas, research, draft, provide expert advice and in general perform all attorney functions that are not client or court-facing. Legal services are provided to law firms and corporate legal departments only. Our Israel-based legal teams are bar-admitted US attorneys. Our India teams, who perform LPO services such as document review and discovery, are experienced Indian attorneys who work under the supervision of our US attorney staff.

Call Center Services - Currently offered out of our Israel facility only, and staffed by trained, college-educated mother-tongue English speakers, our call center provides both inbound and outbound services, including technical support, charitable solicitation and telemarketing.

Transcription Services - It takes approximately 75% less time to read a transcript than to listen to or watch the original event. Moreover a transcript is easier to search and reference than audio or video. But a wealth of content originates in those forms, which is why transcription services have become so important. Not all transcription is created equal. Transcription is a manual process and the quality of the labor force has a significant impact on the quality of the result.

Our Management

Eli Willner, President

Eli is Trebuchet's founder, President and visionary. After a successful career in software development and technology management, Eli moved, sixteen years ago, to the world of outsourcing. He gained renown as an author and expert lecturer on outsourcing issues, and pioneered several seminal outsourcing techniques, including multi-shore workflows, on-shore project management, multi-team production/QA and others. Eli served with distinction in senior management positions at several well-known outsourcing firms and was Chief Technologist of the B&N Digital Content Division in the heyday of the first "eBook wave". He has served as Chairman of the XML Forum of NY.

Yocheved Kaniel, Director of Project Management

Yocheved oversees the Trebuchet project management team. She is the "first stop" for all new projects and is responsible for determining project methodology, team building, QC process design and client interaction. Our clients appreciate her friendly, down-to-earth style and the project teams appreciate her relentless pursuit of perfection on behalf of Trebuchet clients. Yocheved's background is software design but she has been managing outsourcing projects in a variety of domains for close to a decade.

Eli Willner


Yocheved Kaniel

Director of Project Management

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